Sunday, July 12, 2009

getting excited - at last

well the realisation that a holiday looms finally hit this morning - this time next week we'll be in alice springs for 10 days and then darwin for i can't remember how many days. but they'll all be warm :)

work has been so intense i have been focused on getting through all i have to do before shedding that particular skin an being just me for 6 lovely weeks.

but real packing started today - the scrumpster and em depart on wednesday for the long drive up to alice so there was the usual 'have you seen x' and x is found crumpled under a bed then whisked into the washing machine. and i have been focused on packing my crafty stuff - watercolours, carefully wrapped brushes, a tin with various silks, needles and the small, small scissors.

young w has been a keen op shop hound and a visit to one or more of the inner north op shops has become part of the friday routine - almost up there with a visit to the bun shop and a salutation to the wooden doggie who stands metres tall outside fairfield station and continues to be a wonder to a small boy.

here is the booty from this past friday - 3 cotton cot sheets, 1 cot blanket beautifully edged in crochet, a piece of creamy wool blanketing
and these gorgeous purple buttons
and these were gleaned from a new second hand bookstore in high st northcote (brown and bunting) - apart from their exceptional quality of stock and the niceness of the proprietor, this is the cleanest second hand bookstore i have ever been in :)

and here are some gratuitous cat shots

molly gently roasting in front of the heating vent
and toby doing a lord kitchener


pen said...

toby is hypnotic

pen said...

molly is yogic

lisette said...

these photos don't show their utter smoochiness :)

catsmum said...

Molly obviously knows no shame :]
and well scored with the Kerry Greenwood - I have the rest if you feel a need to borrow them

thornberry said...

No wonder I do so poorly at the local oppies - you've got there before me! (Let alone the other savvy northern suburbs crafters). Nice haul!