Friday, July 17, 2009

going, going....

  • all packed and almost ready to go.....
  • the scrumpster and miss em left on wednesday and are in coober pedy tonight.
  • we fly to alice springs tomorrow
  • i am so tired that i am reduced to dot points
  • goo' night


Melinda said...

Allo you!

Just showing Katie where your blog was (and some of your fabulous textile art, I believe we're now calling it, on Flickr) and thought I'd leave you a note to say I hope you're having a fabulous warm time and we/I miss you very much. Enjoy sitting in your dust bowl with young W.

Mwah! Safe and happy travels!


PS. How appropriate, my verification word for leaving the comment on your site is 'claws'. Meow.

lisette said...

hello back :) i refuse to log into work email so i can reply :) we are having an ace time as they said in the 70s. the highlight so far - being kissed by a blue tongue lizard and wearing a python......

watch the blog for updates....

hugs and mwahs

f xxx

Melinda said...

I tried to reply to this the other day but it no work. I agree, do not log on to work email - even when you're home. Bugger that!

Ha! Update your blog while you're away eh?! I see no update! It must mean you're having fun - which is fabulous! Continue!