Monday, April 13, 2009

sur le weekend

how to sum up 4 days of graduated sloth? my memory of good friday is hazy and dominated by the continued dorothy sayers reading jag - i bought 'strong poison' on thursday and had finished it by friday afternoon -> une crise de lord peter wimsey :( luckily as i cruised the inner north looking for a church that wasn't locked (yep - on good friday) i saw that the local second hand bookstore was open so i rushed in and plundered their stocks of sayers books (i only bought 5 - i did leave them some...) and i did find all saints northcote open and welcoming for some quiet reflection.

frogging of the rosedale sweater continued, to yield enough rare yarns humus (well recognised, ping) to make a rare yarns ruffle cardi. (how long is it since you bought me that pattern susan?)

saturday we went to the st andrews market for the first time since the black saturday fires - the market place is south of the burnt out parts and there was no evidence of the cataclysm that had happened but it was still a fairly subdued visit.

and i made w a not entirely successful robot - something weird happened to his shoulders....
yesterday we went out for breakfast/lunch at coco inc as part of the eat our way up high street project and we were underwhelmed (see the scrumpster's review here). i had the big brekky and felt as though i had been fat-poisoned all afternoon.

stage 2 of our trek along the merri creek helped - apart from the storm water rubbish along the banks it was very picturesque with parts of the creek looking like wind in the willows. lots of ducks and moor hens and even a pale blue heron.
i had a creative fit and made the first stage of my challenge quilt - inspired by annabel's work (again - i will have to pay her some sort of retainer or royalty fee) although hers is very neat and you will notice that my strips have shaggy edges (intentionally!!) and i have gone for a very textured look - i used a fine cotton as a foundation and sewed strips of a heavier weight cotton and cut up bits of old linen and doileys - all gleaned from the op shop. i couldn't sleep on saturday night because i was plagued by the idea of this quilt - so toby and i got up and did some writing in the craft journal....
today was supermarket shopping (held over form yesterday - i went down to the supermarket to find the carpark almost empty apart from lost souls peering through the locked doors...) and restocking the fridge and larder which had been laid waste during the first week of the school holidays and had gone into hubbard syndrome.....

then stage 3 of the merri creek trek - this time we tried to get from the st george's road bridge to clifton hill but were stymied by a lack of path... so we retraced our steps of yesterday and fed the ducks instead.

then home for some indigo dyeing of yesterday's quilt and an old shirt, amongst other things...

and the easter bunny (who - w told me solemnly - is made of wood....) was quite generous, thank you. although not as generous as annabel who sent the most amazing box of english chocolate - look at this cornucopia (and it's all delicious...)



Thanks for the link! Your piece looks as if it's coming on quite quickly, and it seems to have your fired up. I'm having a day or two off if I can, so that I can catch up on home stuff like the gardening. (I can manage to do a whole park, but my own back lawn? I can never find the time to cut it.) We've decided to redo the design and need to get moving before it's too late to move plants etc. So glad you liked the choc too. The rest of Europe say that English "chocolate" is not fit to be called that, but I think it's quite nice! I certainly seem to eat enough of the stuff.

pen said...

I had a Lord Peter pig out one Xmas holiday..... I started to get a bit twitchy and weird by the end of it..... But I did enjoy it hugely! This Easter was a Rebus feast.
Glad to know there is someone else out there who likes to munch through a pile of books like me!
Have you tried Ngaio Marsh? That was another of my addictions when I was a teenager and I re-read most of them last year.
Good chockie haul!

catsmum said...

about two years m'dear
hardly any time at all by knitterly standards