Sunday, April 05, 2009

action sunday

i did it ! i finished the hempen cardi - it lies ablocking on the kitchen table - and hopefully growing - a lot. it did look rather underdone for someone of my amplitude and when i tried it on it was beyond ahem.....
other activities today included going for a brisk walk along the merri creek - wherein lurked a few surprises
there was a fair bit of debris which had been flushed out of the storm water drains after the spectacular thunder storms on friday - including this splendid find which i hoiked out of a tree and will use in a future art quilt.
we walked around to ceres which is a serene urban community farm built on the site of an old tip. if you walk behind ceres, between it and the creek, you can see evidence of its past
we also made chocolate chip biscuits
and took last year's seville oranges out of the freezer to make marmalade
and yesterday i played with the new gadget - a clover yo yo maker. i should have known that something that promised ease and swiftness would end up causing knitted brows and some small swearing... but i worked it out in the end and made a couple of smaller than expected yo yos or suffolk puffs as they're more prettily known.
and the cats have decided that my sewing table is the best place to sleep...


Linda Robertus said...

Funny, I didn't think you would be a yoyo person!
Lovely building, what is it?

lisette said...

it's a russian orthodox church in east brunswick and no, i'm not really a yo yo person at all.... they do have possibilities if made in silk though or in synthetics for future melting


I have a friend who is Russian orthodox. She has the most gorgeous Russian name with a character to match. Fascinating lady. I like the look of the oranges - it never occurred to me to freeze them before...that's pure genius!

Maureen said...

Glad the church question is answered. Thank you Lisette for visiting my travel blog. Finishing up England has become a bit of a chore but we Virgos are determined if nothing else.