Friday, April 03, 2009

knitting help!

i bought the spring interweave knits this morning and was pleasantly surprised. i used to subscribe but didn't renew it this year because the designs seemed to be getting dowdier by the issue. which is why, of course, i found so many patterns i want to knit in this edition.

the one i want to knit most is this one
the problem ? it's knitted in laceweight yarn.
  1. i have no laceweight yarn in my stash - i don't knit laceweight yarn because it would take forever and make my hands hurt
  2. i don't want to buy any more yarn as i have an accusing stash taking up room under the bed (and i mean this - i really don't want to buy any more yarn this year)
  3. i have a couple of options in dk or worsted weight yarn that would look great
  4. i don't know how to upscale the pattern without creating a shrug that would fit an elephant....
any suggestions from the uberknitters out there?? could i knit the smallest size in dk???

i also like this one but perhaps with a different neckline.that neckline would drive me nuts - see how the model is clutching at it???


Individual Surrender said...

Not an uberknitter, but I'd say you could adjust the number of stitches... or if the pattern is written in sizes, you could try a smaller size... but that might not be sufficient. It may require some math, figuring knits per inch for the pattern, and then for the yarn you're using... then figuring out how the pattern works (if it's based on multiple of some number, etc...) I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I think you might be able to do it!

catsmum said...

email me with your measurements and I'll work it out for you tonight