Thursday, April 24, 2008

why sinusitis is my illness of choice... or "is it april? must be time for sinusitis!"

erica's post on taking a more positive view on things has prompted me to try and look on the bright side and steer this blog into sunnier climes.

so when the creche cold (thanks w) resisted echinacea and ginger and lots of fluids and turned viciously into full blown sinusitis i resisted my usual eeyore view on things and tried to look for the positive.

so here are the top 10 reasons why i would tick the sinusitis box on the ill health menu:
  1. it's much better than any gastro bug you would care to name
  2. there's no consequential cleaning up (see 1)
  3. it's cheaper to fix than toothache
  4. you don't have to go to hospital
  5. it doesn't hurt as much as labour or a broken bone
  6. it's not fatal
  7. cups of hot tea are part of the cure
  8. although it is a seasonal affliction on the seahorsean schnozz, it's not a permanent feature
  9. it's not as bad as morning sickness (see 1 and 2)
  10. umm i'll get back to you on 10
despite 1-10 i wouldn't refuse judiciously offered sympathy especially as i was awake until 4 o'clock this morning trying to stop my face hurting and wondering if it was, in fact, toothache (if you've never had this affliction the pressure in your sinuses can build up and press on the nerves in your teeth which is most owwwy, especially in the murk midnight when sympathisers are few).

oh i just thought of #10 - my GP suggested that i have a scan done to see what's happening under the surface (i suspect they look like catacombs). i must confess that my first thought was that the ct film could make an interesting quilt - now there is nothing about gastro that you would want to turn into a quilt, hmmm?

how was that for looking on the bright side?


Susan said...

Mmmm. Do you get to stay home? That might be a positive too. Think you're on the right track!! Speaking from the perspective of recently suffering 1 and 2 - yucko.

Caity said...

ooh, I DO sympathise - I'm a long term sufferer of sinus issues too. I had a cat scan done years ago that showed they were icky, but then couldn't get anything done BECAUSE I KEPT GETTING SICK!! Arrrgh!

These days I take occasional doses of a steroid anti-inflammatory thingummy to settle it down to a dull roar.

Sleeping with my cheek on a hot water bottle seems to be the other help!

catsmum said...

I'll just have to rename you Pollyanna :]
and how did I manage to miss this post ?
and huge congrats on the Buda win. Hurry up and blog about it with pics so I can send people over here