Sunday, April 20, 2008

"i put your sleeping pills next to the white pepper"

quoth my daughter as she helped put the supermarket shopping away. i hastily point out that the sleeping pills in question are valerian - "prescribed" by my cruel psychiatrist as he declined politely my request for more stilnox.

i hvae been taking stilnox for about six months and have found the only side effect is extreme and overwhelming tiredness that lasts for about 6 hours and i wake feeling like i have slept the sleep of the just and unstressed. and i love it. which perhaps means i shouldn't have it for a while.

but i love it like a lover who is always there when needed, who does what you want and is above all reliable.

the first thing you notice is a slight tightening in the throat - which at first i found a bit claustrophobic and panicky. then the soft mist of oblivion rolls in - you lose awareness and control over your fingers, hands. the fog thickens around your mind, slackens your muscles and then overwhelms you.

i miss it

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