Wednesday, December 06, 2006

new toy

i bought this box yesterday from tombo - a great japanese shop in high street northcote - they have great (and cheap) kimono too.

it's from mongolia and is the perfect size to house my renaissance embroidery wool

and my gorgeous ribbons from laura foster nicholson

on the journal quilt front - 5 sleeves are now sewn :) the trim is done on the new york beauty (tentatively renamed cobalt beauty) and stitching is progressing on the kantha seahorse - well done me :)

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catsmum said...

that was a great buy ... I had retail therapy at Purl's Palace[Daylesford]again yesterday. Don't ask!
oh btw she said the girls from Yarn are going to be in Melbourne on Thursday night for a GTG. I can probably find out where if you're interested or it may be on the website.