Tuesday, December 05, 2006


i'm starting to get that panicky running out of time feeling - with its usual companion of paralysis and aversion to the task at hand ie finishing those journal quilts....

on the other hand i have made this (see stephanie's pattern here) E and I each made one yesterday - e's isn't quite finished but we had fun making them and they will have ribbon loops so we can hang them on the cmas tree.

i have also done some shibori felting (instructions at jussi's blog here) the felting worked really well but something terribly wrong happened with the colours - i've never liked salmon and then the blue wouldn't take and it was all a disaster :( its currently bathing in napisan. i used a 2 meter long alpaca blanketing offcut and borrowed A's marbles and rubber band collection....

popped it in the washing machine

then the microwave with some food colouring and vinegar solution

a day or two on the line drying, being inspected, overdyeing etc

i've also done most of a sock ( no photo yet sorry)

and nothing to the journal quilts...... although i did get as far as turning on the sewing machine before i realised i really had to update my blog.

here here are some gratuitous photos of my insides

- quite beautiful don't you think? and full of art quilt potential. i think they look like something from deep space - especially the first one - quite venusian. the lower one is of my ovaries - described by an ultrasound technician once as "quite beautiful"

on the other hand my brain is still full of og from the anaesthetic and my tummy is soooooooore. i wasn't expecting it to hurt this much and definitely expected to feel sprightly by now

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catsmum said...

poor baby
feel better soon
maybe you can do an ovary quilt as one of the journal thingies