Monday, December 11, 2006

i did it!

5 journal quilts finished - hurrah!

Textile Seahorse - Journal Quilt #1 January 2006

Silk fabrics and threads, glass beads. Made to reflect the early days of my blog which has kept me honest and prompted me to finish at least some of my work.

Bleached Seahorse - Journal Quilt #2 July 2006

Discharged dyed with Ajax using a homemade stencil. Handquilted and beaded. Making these small quilts has made me realised how much I really enjoy hand stitching.

Winter into Spring Journal Quilt #3 August 2006

Vintage kimono fabric, using Ricky Tims’ convergence technique. Machine quilted to mimic rain. Hand beaded.

This quilt reflects the days towards the end of winter when the early flowers are mixed with dark days of rain.

Experimental Felt #2 - Journal Quilt #4 September 2006

Cotton, wool suiting, wool and silk tops, beads, silk, wool and cotton embroidery thread, silk cocoons. Layered, machine quilted over Solvy then machine washed and dried.

New York Beauty Journal Quilt #5 November 2006

Made to celebrate my mastering foundation piecing. The red and gold block stands for courage and strength and perseverance. The dark block stands for the times in my life when i have been kneecapped by the melancholy, paralysis of will and bleakness of depression.

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catsmum said...

i knew you could do it !
Congratulations ... now all you have to so is send them to Buffy, right?