Sunday, November 19, 2006


journal quilt #1 'textile seahorse' is almost done! at susan's excellent suggestion i extended the embroidered seaweed, added some beading and quilted around the seahorse in fine gold thread so it would be fairly unobtrusive.

my problem now is that the back looks awful :( i didn't think the process through and did the embroidery and beading after i had assembled the layers and done a fair bit of quilting (there are free machined 'waves' in the panel to the right of the seahorse and under the organza). so do i tidy it up as best i can or do i add another back ??? i still have to decide that it is in fact finished, machine around the edges, add a label and a hanging sleeve.

journal #2 'winter into spring' is 90% done, has had beads added, machine edging is 60% done (until the unthinkable happened and i ran out of black thread) and a label and hanging sleeve

journal #3 bleached seahorse is sandwiched and is being handquilted

journal #4 will be one of my felted pieces and needs minimal work

journal #5 will be the new york beauty piece i started last weekend and it needs the most work.

but i feel much better than i did on friday and should squeak it in by December 15th - nothing like a deadline.

and here is a better photo of the armadillo fabric

and the results of the fruit dyeing experiment - a bit paler than i had hoped

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catsmum said...

That was precisely the effect I was getting at with feather stitching... and I think you're right about the false back. It's not like it's a big piece after all.