Saturday, November 18, 2006

january journal quilt almost finished!

wow a journal quilt almost done - i started this one back in january and lost direction. i knew i wanted it to be a seahorse and a reflection on starting this blog - the tucked silk squares and embroidered seahorse were done fairly quickly and then consigned to the 'wtf do i do now pile'.....

i was stressing about the lack of finished journal quilts (see below) so decided to just finish the first one and see how i went. every component is some sort of silk so it was all a bit slippery there for a while but with lots of pins and a firm attitude we made it through.

it's a bit hard to see but there is a row of glass beads across the top of the seahorse panel and his eye is a chip of amber surrounded by tiny gold stitches. i didn't have a needle fine enough to pass through the amber chip so went to the bead shop and bought a beading needle that looks more like a whisker than a needle but it did the job, much to my relief as i wanted the eye stitched on not glued. i'm still not sure whether or not to put some green beads in the bottom panel. any ideas?

and here is an experiment:
-i was trying to work out a way of stitching the labels for the journal quilts as my janome has a lettering function but now i think that's way too hard and i will just write the labels. i handpainted the fabric back in january ( i think) and decided to play with my seahorse stamp - not sure what i'll do with it yet but i like it.

and here are the makings of a future quilt 'guillermo armadillo'. the squares are from a scrap bag i bought at threadbear in castlemaine last sunday and the armadillo fabric and embroidery were from susan.


catsmum said...

Beads on the journal quilt would be v effective I should think but [ in a spectacular piece of insolicited advice ] I'd consider taking some of your seaweedy feather stitching up into the top blue panel [ just a wee bit] rather than stopping with the edges of the square.
oh and how about a closeup of the armadillo fabric ... I know what it looks like but they're a bit hard to see in that lighting :]

catsmum said...

and of course I mean unsolicited advice :]