Wednesday, November 29, 2006


here is journal quilt #5 almost done :)

i did the free motion quilting last weekend and am slowly doing the hand quilting with gold thread.

i started free motion quilting with the gold thread but it kept breaking and it suits the theme of the quilt (see earlier post) to have the gold thread radiating out from the red and gold block in little irregular handstitches. the black quilting is jagged and domineering and relentless (just like depression) but the little handstitches are persistent and they prevail despite their fragile appearance.

i need to remind myself of this as tomorrow i am having more surgery for my endometriosis. unpleasant but necessary - it's a bit like cutting back ivy - you can never get rid of it but have to hack it back regularly. today is the extremely unpleasant "bowel prep", nasty augean internal cleanout - routine i know but i really really hate it, much more than the surgery :)
so i equipped myself with the new down under quilts, vogue knitting and red nail polish.

i lay in a lovely bubble bath with my favourite crabtree and evelyn lily of the valley wafting around, reading vogue knitting and drinking ginger beer (today is liquid diet only) then shaved my legs and painted my toes so as far as i'm concerned i'm ready to go to hospital and come out a new woman with no pain!


catsmum said...

that photo is much truer to colour. Looking pretty spiffy.
Good luck for the endo cleanout [ which is probably already well and truly over ]
If I never have to take that bowel prep ever again I'll be a happy woman ... why do you need it for a basically gyno procedure?
and also btw I wa editing my blog post when you visited so you might just have to go back and read it again! Why am I still up at 1 am?

Elle said...

That's going to be a lovely journal qulit. And don't freshly painted toenails make ya feel great?!!!