Sunday, May 28, 2006


so called because they divert my attention from finishing ufos!

this is the first (unfinished) block for my 'dear me' quilt, inspired by the dear jane quilt - it will be a mix of embroidered, appliqued and pieced 6 inch blocks. this is an armadillo traced from a critter pattern works applique pattern. holbein stitched in a variegated green dmc cotton. i'm also planning an embroidered hare and crow and blocks made from fabric from family clothes (discarded or outgrown ones i hasten to add)

these are my first addi turbos (she purred) and i am totally smitten with them. they are light and smooth and don't catch and are just luvley

today's diversion - an earflap hat for w. my 6 month old nephew was wearing the most gorgeous multicoloured earflap hat yesterday at my mother's birthday knees up. so i went hunting for a similar pattern and found this one at magknits. a quick stash raid and we're up to this

and (sigh) these are my jaywalker socks - i can't say i'm that keen on this pattern - it's a 2 row relatively easy, straight forward lace pattern but i think any kind of lace needs at least some concentration and i don't have a lot of that at the moment - hence the lack of progress. and i'm not confident about how i will deal with the amelia raitte's picot edging - to be continued...

i ran up this little number last weekend - inspired by craftapalooza's covered tape measures. made of the same wool felt that i made the pincushion from and dead easy :)

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