Sunday, May 28, 2006

and another thing...

ok i lost my nerve and published the previous post for fear of blogger eating it...
here are some more

here are the assembled stash components for the w hat mentioned in previous post

these are my most worn and commented on knitted garments - if you can call wrist warmers a garment?

can you guess what this is?

it's a lap rug - violent pink fur on one side, orange polar fleece on the other. cool huh?

and this is an unrepresentative photo of the colour of my long term knit. it's wendy bernard's not so shrunken marilyn cardi. a lovely well written straight forward pattern but i am in the doldrums of the soooooo long top down bit - i know once i get to divide for the arms things will speed up but it takes me 10 minutes to do one row at the moment which i always find discouraging. the yarn is jo shop silk road dk tweed in cedar - a much deeper more complex green than you would judge from this photo. and you can't really see my so cute beaded stitch holders from woolly butt in rosanna

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