Monday, December 19, 2005

thanks kylie :)

well here i am thanks to my friend kylie with whom i had a very pleasant lunch today... after tasting the unusual delights of job's warehouse in bourke st, we had a yarn patting session at the wool shop in russell st and then adjourned for some caffeine. on the way back to our respective offices ms gusset suggested that i start a blog - so here i am.

i did have a rather lacklustre blog with a couple of entries over at livejournal but haven't kept it up. hopefully this blog will be a little more kempt....

ok i am a forty-something melbournite passionate about all things textile - i fit knitting, quilting and embroidery into a life already full of babies (3 aged 10, 8 and 14 months), husband and work (i'm a social policy analyst for the Victorian Government - at the moment i'm working on Indigenous policy, which I'm also passionate about)

soon (maybe tomorrow) i'll post some photos of my textile life - right now i need to shoo children into bed

back soon....

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