Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas

not much craftiness to report - waaay too busy with cmassy things although i did get kaffe fassett's museum quilts which is fabulous and inspiring - can't wait to make the strippy quilt and use some of the ideas throughout the book on existing and planned projects.

speaking of which, i must do a list of wips and planned projects to try and keep track of them - and to measure progress - it's really easy to forget how much you've actually managed to fit in. i get a lot done on my tram ride to work, although knitting is much better for this than sewing as there are less objects to lose and you don't have to concentrate too much.

this week i have
- almost finished the left front of my jo sharp zoe cardigan, in a soft green cotton
- practised some crewel embroidery - made a satin stitch heart in blue wool which i then turned into a card for my brother - his little son ryan was born on thursday

i did have an epiphany doing the crewel work - it's really just embroidery with wool (usually on linen but i used viyella)

tommorrow i plan to wash the red ticking for my hexagon strippy quilt and maybe sew some strips together so i can aplique the hexagon flowers

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