Sunday, December 25, 2005

cmas chez seahorse

here's our 12 days of cmas calendar

every day someone in our family is king or queen for the day (which means everyone has to be nice to them no matter how hard that might be), we all get to pick something fror the gnessing box (which ds1 made in younger less spelling minded days) which could be a balloon, a glow stick, a chocolate frog or sim and we all do something as a family such as go to the park, have fish and chips on the beach or go to a cafe. i made each day out of beautiful japanese origami paper and stuck it onto red cardboard. it's up in our living room and one gets opened each day form now until epiphany (6 january)

here's today's

and here are the presents dh and i bought for each other

predictable or serendipitous? maybe we just know each other too well....

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