Monday, December 28, 2015

into the lacuna

I love this part of the year - the lovely lacuna between Christmas and New Year. Summer is really picking up speed and everyone, or almost everyone, is on holiday.  A time for lounging around, eating leftovers and reading. I'm greedily reading Philip Pullman's compulsive, many-layered Dark Materials trilogy, so full of archetypes, tropes and echoes of everything I've ever read, or wanted to read.

I have also been doing a little studio work, creating a wrapped bundle
 doing some random stitching 
and practising drawing with my left hand.
And there have been quite a few sunset walks, waiting until the worst heat has gone out of the day.
Hope you're enjoying your lacuna too.


Sophie Munns said...

Hello Felicity!
Love your open front door view! Hope you've had a lovely times slowing down.

I decided to break out and visit some blogs tonight. Because I should be working!


Lacuna... yes... got into a very mellow space from which I am trying to emerge asap now to get some packing done to go on Residency.

I will respond to your excellent email. catching up again. Slowly!

Enjoy and hope its not too unbearably hot down there!
S x

Margaret Cooter said...

Some call it a lacuna, some call it limbo ... and just this morning someone in the newspaper called it the dark pivot of the year.

Love those left-handed drawings, will do some on my tube journey tonight.