Thursday, December 31, 2015

farewell 2015

New Year's Eve again, and traditionally the time to look back and remember the year. 2015 started very well as we were in lovely London and then Rome.
Looking back over the blog there were exhibitions both here and overseas;
 There was a lot of playing with paint
I tried a few new techniques (papermaking, printing and incorporating porcelain slip were highlights);

 I learned a lot from the wonderful Cas Holmes when she came to Australia in the southern winter;
 And I made slow but steady progress on the big Wedding Dress project
 There were trips to the beach, both here
 and in Tasmania
 And we had a generally lovely time.

2016 is looking pretty good already as I have booked into a workshop with the inspiring and knowledgeable Sophie Munns in April and, hopefully, one with the fabbo Velma Bolyard in March.

Happy New Year everyone!

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