Sunday, May 12, 2013

le weekend - Mother's Day Part 1

This has been a lovely weekend - the first part of celebrating Mother's Day because the smallest sprog is with his dad so I'll have Mother's Day Part 2 with him next weekend.  In the meantime I was sent some gorgeous flowers by the eldest sprog on Friday - lovely iris and lilies- and my daughter is busily making me something in cross-stitch.

Yesterday I spent with my good fibre-friend Wil first at the Handspinners' and Weavers' Guild and then at the Handknitters' Guild's mini wool show where not only did we meet fibre royalty Charley of Ixchel Bunny fame
but we won her raffle of an amazingly generous basket of gorgeous bunny yarn and fibres (and some lovely tea).

 Today I had breakfast in bed and lolled until early afternoon, then got up and did some experiments with thermomouldable felt that Dale had sent me to play with.

Then a play with the as-yet-unblogged drum carder and some felting experiments.

And Kind Dog has unleashed his inner baker - yesterday it was a soul-soothing batch of buns and today some very superior bread.

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