Friday, January 25, 2013


On 29 December 2012 Kind Dog and I had our marriage blessed in the ancient stone church of St Boniface in Bonchurch on the Isle of Wight.

You may remember that we had our first wedding at home with our Australian family back in June last year which was just lovely. And then we had the legal ceremony in October. So we wound up the Year of Getting Married with Kind Dog's family in the UK.
 It was a lovely combination of solemn formality and a relaxed sharing and acknowledgement of our happiness and amazement at having found each other.

We were very lucky in having Vivienne as priest and not some comb-overed, cardiganned vicar going through the motions. Vivienne made it a very personal and meaningful service which was even more amazing as we had only met the day before at the rehearsal.
Apart from adapting the service to include bits about us, she included a lovely ritual of surrounding us with a blue satin ribbon (bought by her to match my dress - I did wonder why she asked me what colour my dress was when we were at the rehearsal) as a symbol us of us being bound to each other; and then asked all the congregation to come forward and hold the ribbon and promise to support us in our marriage. It was a really special moment.
She also presented us with a kitchen timer to use if we felt tempted to argue - in case of narkiness, set the timer and if you're still narky in 60 minutes, then it's gloves off. Luckily we are not good at narkiness - we have now spent almost 24 hours a day together for 11 months and have had no irritation or boredom. We still prefer each other's company to all others.

Style Notes: of course being the northern hemisphere in the middle of winter it was cold, but it didn't rain or sleet. And yes that is a real fur coat I'm wearing, get over it; it was very cosy. The dress is a midnight blue and black brocade by Viedler and Fink in Fitzroy, the shoes are Fluevogs, the pearls were bought in Rome last year.  Kind Dog wore a cashmere sweater and a cashmere coat with a mink collar.


Kit Lang said...

beautiful service, beautiful church, beautiful clothes, beautiful couple- may it all portend a beautiful life together. xo

Kathryn said...

I am so happy for you both! What a magical setting, and I agree, I love the rite with the ribbon - very special indeed.