Sunday, March 11, 2012

weekend 2/3

we're two thirds of the way through a long weekend here - tomorrow is labour day which usually means everyone is as lazy and slothful as possible. i have a bad case of the aches and tireds - as though a virus was trying to break through but couldn't quite be bothered.

others in the household have been quite vigorous however and have moved the office downstairs into the former bedroom recently vacated by kind dog's youngest (who unaccountably abandoned us for student accommodation). this had the kick-on effect of transforming my studio into a more workable space with my new smaller table -
hopefully less likely to get covered by the tide of useful crap that i can't seem to work without. my ancestral bird must be a mallee fowl, i think.

there has also been some gentle creativity.  after the as yet unresolved lachrymae piece*, i started a small experiment using ink dyed cotton, sheet music, tissue paper and silk
and the kids and i had a play with inks and monoprinting this afternoon
  that yielded some interesting pieces.
 and we have a murine interloper - with three cats in the house!! all resting on their laurels, apparently

* i do have some bondaweb drying at the moment having been sprayed and painted with black, purple and turquoise . so we shall see what we shall see.....

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Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love monoprinting. Love the last photo. I have seven cats, they catch and play with mice but are not so good with the killing part.