Sunday, September 04, 2011


i have been a slack blogger and even slacker artiste. little progress has been made on my traveller's blanket but it is evolving in my mind.  and no progress has been made on my challenge piece.

on the other hand i had a birthday last week and Kind Dog gave me this most beautiful ring (and matching earrings)
the house is full of spring flowers
and i had messy play this afternoon making paper with lots of silk in it

 and this afternoon we strolled down to alice's bookshop in rathdowne st and picked up a few gems viz.


The Happy Apple said...

Happy Birthday for last week! Loving the ring, and the book. I'd like a complete guide to the work-table .......might help me find it when I'm drunk! :)

librarygirl said...

Happy birthday - At Sewjourn this past weekend I re-visited the spot of the infamous car bogging incident!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday....and do hope we get a quilt from you by the end of the month. ;-))

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Happy birthday. I love the colour of that flower. Angela