Wednesday, September 21, 2011

light and shadow challenge

'light and shadow' is the theme of the international quilt challenge  for september. after a number of damp squibs, i finally had a rush of blood to the head and finished mine in an hour this afternoon. i can't show you the whole thing until this friday but can show you a few glimpses of the work in progress.

 and i can show you another work in progress - another sea themed piece
 and today's prize acquisition - a reel of plumber's hemp! the chap in the shop it was the first one had had sold since he had started working there (presumably sometime after Armistice Day)

1 comment:

Annabel said...

Plumbers hemp? What the plop is that used for? (is it like an early PFE tape?) Looks heavy duty and I'm wondering where you're going with this....intriguing.