Monday, June 06, 2011

holy guacamole, batman...

chez seahorse is in the middle of moving house and it is emphatically, Not Fun. We're at the horrible stage where the house is full of boxes and it looks like we're building an internal fort but there is still stuff everywhere, reproachfully waiting to be packed.
 not to mention packing the scissors and the tin openers and then having to delve around and find them...  the house has to be clear by the weekend so the gussying-uppers can come in and get the house ready for sale.
so, needless to say there has been nothing creative happening around here - not even sock knitting.
but.... the new house, where i will be sharing a nosebag with Kind Dog,
is lovely and big, light and airy and best of all - has a studio for me to work in :)

will be back at some point, once we resurface


librarygirl said...

Good luck with the move Lisette.
All that packing is hard work but I bet you're having a cleansing purge...
Beginnings are good times!
I like the look of that smiley Kind Dog.


Kate said...

Gosh, I HATE moving. I hope it is over soon and you can begin to repress the memory of all those boxes! Looking forward to hearing about your studio and the rest of your new digs.

Stomper Girl said...

If ever there were two cats thinking Not Happy Jan, it's your two in that photo. Moving is a massive pain, I feel for you.

Suse said...

Oh dear to the packing and moving. But hooray to the new digs, new studio, new Kind Dog!


Banaghaisge said...

LOVE that slitty eyed shitty look we are ALL getting from the top step cat!!!! Cats can be so sneery - ignore them. They are just trying to make you feel guilty. Everything else will be lovely!!
Thinking of you, wish I could help (yes I can, almost 26 years ago I conceived a house moving helper!!!). Hugs, XXXX

catsmum said...

according to 'the experts' moving is only slightly less stressful than losing a spouse [ I would actually dispute this having done both ] but think of the wonderful things in your future.