Sunday, May 01, 2011


although production seems to be at an all time low, i am working on some projects. last week i registered for the festival of quilts which will be held in birmingham in august and now i have to think of a piece and make the damn thing... nothing like a deadline to force you to create :)

i have been thinking of making a bigger version of this
and over the weekend suddenly conceived the idea of making a piece based on the inside of my head. i started with the idea of making a map outlining the escarpments, jungles and especially the very deep pits is seem to keep falling into - hoping to be able to see the pits before i am suddenly at the bottom of one. here i am at kind dog's apartment
 sketching out some rough ideas for such a map

and then this evening i found the right piece of fabric - dyed by the lovely dijanne, it is perfect. now to think of the shapes and contours.....

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