Friday, May 06, 2011

sitrep friday

  • reading: maggie grey's 'textile translations' for inspiration
  • listening: to the music of my distant youth - right now the b52s as it has an instant chirking up effect
  • eating: a warm hot cross bun from the freezer stash
  • planning: the next phase of my life
  • wearing: melbourne black - jeans, jumper, fur collar, purple bamboo socks and green birks
  • learning: to take risks
  • recovering from: resigning from my dream job on a matter of principle
  • looking forward to: my next job
  • tending: the still convalescent billthedog
  • trusting: my instinct and the universe


Stomper Girl said...

Wow to resigning. Hope you are okay. x

Suse said...

Oof, that's a big week.

I'm ready for a new job too I think. (Not that I am objecting to principles, I just have the itch).

Have you got a 'next job' lined up then?