Thursday, April 07, 2011


i did some more work this evening on the new piece - now called 'fugue' invoking both musical and psychiatric meanings
one of the (many) lessons i learned from making what became salvage moon was not to use fusible web to stick down the elements of the piece which included sheet music, paper, painted fusible web and vellum. the layers of stick were too much for my sewing machine and at least 6 needles were wasted, getting irretrievably gummed up with ick.

in my improbably difficult search for spray adhesive i ended up at the paint shop near the office where the assistant took my problem and worried it like a rat. after some thought he gave me (gave, not sold - he said the condition was that i return and tell him if it worked) a bottle of wood glue and a brush and told me to try that.

which i did. and it seems to work with all but the vellum which absorbed it and curled impossibly in upon itself. this is the result so far and i hope to stitch into it tomorrow.

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