Thursday, May 06, 2010


start with this
add this (and a little light slashing)
and you get thisi like it but i'm not sure if it conveys anger enough. i might hop into it with the heat gun and or the soldering iron on the weekend.


Neroli Henderson said...

I like it, but it's not angry for me at all yet. It reminds me of the doodles I do when on the phone (the stitching) and I'm not angry when I do them. I think burning will help, I think anger needs to be more discordant, less controlled and more destructive. But hey art is so subjective and I bet there will be lots of people who would say the exact opposite.

artymess said...

I love the colours on this but it's not quite angry could try ripping as well....what is the piece for ?

Judy said...

What a BLAST!!! Yes, hey this is better way of expressing anger than punching someone's "lights"!!he,he!!