Wednesday, January 06, 2010

return of the native(s)

hallelujah the girls have returned :) i had a phone call this morning from a woman who had come to collect her son's mail while he is on holiday and saw our missing chook notice and compared the photofit with the new occupants of the back yard and called me post haste.

i had joked to a colleague this morning that perhaps they had gone on a cruise and lo they had gone for a short break around the corner. although apparently the meals weren't up to scratch.

so, as with Mr S Clemens, reports of the demise of the Thornbury CWA sub branch were somewhat exaggerated. the girls are restored to the chook pen and the kettle is on.

thank you for your kind remarks and fears of fowl play - i am so glad they were unfounded


Stomper Girl said...

I'm so glad you got your chooks back! You didn't notice our cat while you were there did you?

Banaghaisge said...

Have you found out why, when, where, how etc etc? So glad you got themback.
Trevor took off on Thursday morning, never gone before and (Andew's dog) Jake was still hanging around. So scared Trevor has been snacked by a snake, etc, rang everyone (including police - who didn't laugh about a missing Tenterfield Terrier at all!).
He came back about 5 hours later, filthy, almost raw paws and smelling of something VERY dead. Most pleased with himself. Little bastard.
I nearly cried when he was lost, but I was brave. He took off aginFri morning as soon as I let him out - and before breakfast too.
Give me chooks any day. Useful things, chooks...