Monday, January 25, 2010

in all the medusiad of cables that lurk around here i cannot find the only one that fits my camera. so i can't show you the crimson splendour of the damson jam that's bubbling away on the stove, nor can illustrate my current creative despondency...

i am trying to finish the second big piece for the southern lands exhibition. four of the eight pieces are supposed to be sent to germany in time for a march showing. i have finished the two smaller pieces and the first big one. but the second big one is unravelling my confidence.

this is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago - it was layers of painted silk, muslin and cotton, machine stitched with a hand stitched bit in the middle.
i decided it was too light and need a heavier backing to take the hand stitching i wanted to add. so i pinned some painted cotton onto the back. and started stitching with the lovely sheeny rayon thread i bought from dijanne before she moved to france.

which was fine until i realised exactly how much handstitching was required.... and now having done a shirtload of handstitching and seeing the vast plains of fabric still to be done i am having Doubts about the whole piece. it didn't help that i removed the middle panel of embroidery because i no longer liked it and it didn't work in the current incarnation of the piece thus opening up a large chunk to be reworked.

will return when i can upload some current pics.

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The WestCountryBuddha said...

Perhaps you could speed it up by machining hand threads onto it with either a small zig zag or straight stitching? I've found this a nice compromise and it would fill the space quite quickly I think. I've found one of the nicest threads to lay down is silk knitting thread made from the waste of silk sari weavers, and I could just see it going with your colours.