Sunday, July 29, 2007

the amazing rocks of ellery creek bighole - about 90 kms west of alice springs.

i felt a deep but elusive connection to the country around alice. i puzzled over it for a day or two and strained to work out what i was feeling.

i wrote this on thursday night:

"there is something so compelling and mystical about this place - i feel drawn, mesmerised by the rocks and red dust - i want to sink into it and lose myself in its red antiquity.

i long to take off into the desert and feel annihilated by the space, clear air and luminosity. i begin to understand the desert fathers. i think you could spend your life wandering, yearning, searching for the spirit of this place.

although i am a whitefella i can feel that there is another way of reading this landscape but it is out of my reach. whitefella maps and language and way of understanding the world are pitifully insufficient to grasp the spirituality of this landscape that quivers massively, just out of our reach.

like an unlettered animal we can intuit a skeleton of meaning and realise that there is a body of symbolism and that the earth is alive in a completely different way, but it is not ours. and i think this leaves the whitefella with a profound grief - so profound that he cannot grasp this either and is left bemused and pained by something he can't understand.

the red earth, the convulsed rocks reach out, yearning for connection. the whitefella can dimly feel and reflect the yearning but cannot work out how to connect, how to be with the earth and is condemned to bereftness."


Tafarello said...

Hi Lisette,
You have a great blog
Have a nice day

Mario Tafarello-Brazil

catsmum said...

three comments...
1. glad to have you back !
2.Haven't been to the Territory since 73 ... need to go back but it's not going to happen :[
3. Maybe you need to join Erica and I making some of your rock photos into quilts.

SeamRippstress said...

Upon seeing your first photo of the red and black rock, i thought you had created some piece of amazing cloth. My eyes had to adjust to the shot. What an incredible masterpiece.

ACey said...

wow not only are the pictures beautiful but the words you have strung together are very compelling poetry. Very profound thoughts finding expression in words - that is always such a challenge. glad you are healing - think of you often.