Sunday, March 04, 2007

this week i.....

  • put a row of gold beads on the journal quilt
  • made some more silk paper (with the silk tops i bought from the thread studio at aqc last weekend)
  • finished the beads and gold chain stitch part of my week 1 of the personal library of stitches course
  • did my week 2 sample for PLS - this week was points ie single stitches. i hadn't realised how hard it is to do single stitches without immediately thinking of the line they make. this spiral and tumbling stitches component i want to do again as a larger piece with more contrast and detail in the spiral

  • i also did some more on my week1 alternative sampler


Susan D said...

I love the colours you have used for your silk papers.

Susan said...

Your samplers are excellent! Hope you frame some.