Tuesday, March 06, 2007

another heat altered quilt and a larval stage quilt

this little quilt has a wool flannel base, the usual synthetic shreds and a top made of thai silk and red tulle with stencilled seahorses and flowers. i had to use extra blow torch effort as the silk has a much higher burning threshold than the synthetics

and this is a bit of needlefelting - wool and mohair tops and angelina (of course!) on hand dyed wool felt. some embroidery is percolating in my mind....

and these are my heat altered quilt cut into post cards and herringbone stitched.

and this is the latest wip - a quilt at the larval stage. i've worked out the basic design and am currently nutting out the construction. the panels will be herringbone stitched together, am thinking of how best to attached the long strips which are made of quite fragile silk - i think using fusible web might alter the feel of the fabric too much so perhaps some hand stitching. the blocks are the lame attempt to make a quilt out of small steeplechase blocks ( i think that's the name of the block) but i fell at the third fence - too many curves with slippery kimono fabric was no fun. btw what do you think of my defacto design wall aka the kitchen bookcase?

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ACey said...

Love all these projects. Looking at pics of your work is super-inspiring.