Monday, January 02, 2006

the reckoning

ok time to review progress on my 2005 resolutions and to make some concrete ones for 2006

last year i vowed to finish more projects and i did.

2005 UFOs
Long time coming quilt - finish quilting and bind (DONE)
E's quilt - bind (NOT DONE)
A's quilt - finish hand quilting (NOT DONE)
batik quilt - piece top, quilt and bind (NOT DONE)
Liberty Ultraviolet - finish piecing, quilt and bind (NOT DONE)
I Spy Quilt - put on borders, quilt and bind (NOT DONE)

on the other hand I did start and finish
Pauline's quilt (this is the unfinished top - I need to get a photo of the final product made for my Mother in Law Pauline)
the Sashiko cats
my paisley bag
my crow bag
some blocks for the school raffle quilt

and i did much better on the knitting front:
i planned to finish:
E's purple jumper (photo to come) (DONE)
W's blue pants (DONE)
Chris' hat (DONE)
W's brown handspun pants (DONE)
my humus jumper (DONE - well mostly - is it my fault if the pattern was unclear about the neck so it had to be ripped 3 times and so became discouraging - I think this means I actually finished it 3 times already. I WILL redo the neck so I can wear it before winter - this is not the weather to contemplate knitting with alpaca)
my pink sparkly cardigan (NOT DONE - I don't think I like the yarn anymore....)

I also made some crimson socks
some leggings for W from amazing handpainted yarn
soakers (or nappy cover)
a wrap cardigan for my new niece

i feel i should point out that i couldn't do much machine sewing for much of 2005 because i had a slipped disc which didn't start to get better enough to sew until September.....I think this has made me a better planner of projects though as i had more time to read, think and sketch ideas for quilts in particular. And I became quite good at knitting standing up!

planned quilts and quilts in their infancy
ok i am currently in the exciting stage of making
a hexagon strippy quilt with a central hexagon 'medallion'
luxe, calme et volupte - steeplechase blocks of cream homespun and moda's seaside rose charm squares. i have pieced the top and put on the first plain border and am embroidering around each circle and semi-circle in cream coton perle thread
a convergence quilt a la ricky tims just needs a plain border and quilting
a japanesy cat toile quilt in reds and creams
a pink quilt
a dear me quilt (vaguely related to the dear jane phenomenon)with embroidered blocks, blocks with my children's handprints and pieced blocks (from the dear jane book) made of fabric from my childhood frocks and other special fabrics...

i am also inordinately proud of my first machine quilting effort

i think that might be it... i am also going to be a bit more disciplined in my fabric buying and only buy every second month (well the intent is there)

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