Saturday, January 21, 2006


E's quilt - started and mostly finished January 2004 - bound January 2006. I can't believe what a difference the binding makes - although i could see all the mistakes I made originally as i was handsewing the binding. still e loves it which is the main thing.

Zoe blocking (i know it's scrunched - i fixed it after i took the photo) - i hope she'll turn out ok - she was looking a bit saggy pre-blocking. but i am proud of myself for finishing, sewing her up and sewing on the buttons without pausing. usually i'm a bad finisher - i get bored and think i'll do it later but then the object gets cast aside and i'll start something new.

doing quite well with my finishing so far - do i get extra points for doing it in 40 degree heat? and it will be 43 tomorrow so we're unlikely to get any pictures of me wearing the finished zoe.... ack it's so hot!


Susan George said...

both look really good - really pleased you have finished them - cannot wait to see you wearing the cardi! Great colours and buttons too.

lisette said...

thanks! zoe's finished blocking now and looks good - although a bit roomier than expected (which is better than not roomy enough!)

Gina Halladay said...

Hi again--
Since we are both Denyse Schmidt fans..see the sneak peak of her new fabric line "Flea Market Fancy" on my web site
Happy crafting. Gina