Tuesday, January 05, 2016


This afternoon was for indigo dyeing. The vat I started before Christmas is chugging along nicely although perhaps I should admit that it's not "proper" indigo but the instant, powdered sort. It gives good colour nevertheless, and certainly smells as bad as the real stuff.
In went the large piece of mulberry bark that will be part of a new piece; then a vintage French linen dress I dyed last year that had crocking on it so it has been waiting around to be fixed for months. I don't mind uneven colour but if the smeary crocking marks are still there I might do some stitching over the worst bits. Then a piece of silk and some cartridge paper that had been unsuccessfully flower dyed by bashing roses into them with a mallet  - except I forgot to bring the silk and paper inside and they turned into a brown, snail-chewed mess...
The current hand-stitched piece was also thrown in for good measure.

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