Sunday, October 04, 2015

the weekend studio

Summer came in with a bang this weekend - suddenly a string of 30+ days. I like the warm, softer air and being able to walk around barefoot again but I am not good at Australia's intense heat and prefer to skulk inside until the sun has gone down to a less oppressive angle.

Perfect for quietly working in the studio where there has been a great leap forward with the strips project (which really needs a better name but that will come - this project is evolving in a very determined and clandestine way).
I started this about 6 weeks ago using the dropcloth from the Cas Holmes workshop I did in August. Wanting some simple stitching to use as a warm-up project, I tore 2 inch strips of the linen cloth and just started doing lines of running stitch with the occasional group of sorbello stitch, french knots, bullions and anything else I fancied.
The more I did on the strips, the most interesting it became and it has turned into its own project.  Buttons, shells and feathers and other collected detritus are being added. Stitching the transparent sequins has been rather a challenge but they look amazing in situ - rather like fish scales.
But the big discovery has been coral stitch - I have not tried this before and it is an extremely useful stitch especially effective in metallic thread
Although there's a fair amount of stitching and tizzying to go, I have been puzzling over the next stage - but I think I solved that yesterday. Details to come but this is a rather opaque clue.

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Velma Bolyard said...

this is looking very promising, and it sounds like you are deep into it. all good! except the very hot.