Sunday, July 26, 2015

postcard from the studio

I have been pottering around gently experimenting and playing - my preferred way of working. I usually have a few projects in different media on the go at any one time - my works evolve at their own pace and won't be hurried.

 So there is plenty of time to see what happens if... And then that will loop back and affect what ever else is happening in the studio at the time - an artistic ripple that can end up who knows where?

Currently there are experiments with paint
 pigment blocks

porcelain slip

knitting some anonymous handspun I made years ago - it's quite tough and wiry with lots of lanolin and reminds me of a kind of hairy thick linen cord. And what is it? Don't know - it's a mystery object at present, although starting out in quite a sphincter direction

 and amulets

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Velma Bolyard said...

made my way here...surprise! good stuff happening by the looks of things.