Saturday, June 21, 2014

maybe 10 things from this week

I'm not very good at counting but we'll see how the photos go. This week has been busy with:
dyeing for a new project - this was phase 1 which turned out to be too crimson, so it's all soaking in the next dye-bath
there was a full moon

it rained
Henry had a cuddle while his cage was being cleaned out - he also had a new do and a manicure which he bore with great patience and fortitude (sterling qualities in a guinea pig)
 Kind Dog made a most excellent beef and mushroom pie, with his sublime rough puff pastry (you'll be pleased to know he has a light hand with pastry - much lighter than mine)

I did the first draft of a spreadsheet for my thesis and the next draft of the second half of chapter one.
pondering turning 50 soon, I experimented with a new avatar photo

we proved we can be cheerful even at the prospect of going to the local shopping mall (in search of more soda ash for the dye-bath)
And I bravely fought off the office virus (no photos of this you'll be again pleased to hear). I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat, barbed wire chest and feeling vile. So I rugged up, took lots of low-level antidotes such as throat gargle, Vit C, tea and panadol and slept all afternoon. Dinner in bed (thanks to KD) and I woke up yesterday feeling much better.

There was also pavement treasure

and for my 10th thing I will leave you with a glimpse of a non-yet properly conceptualised project that has been gently percolating along in the studio. I have no idea what it will be but it's soothing to paint an eggshell or two on the way through.


Living to work - working to live said...

We had a guinea pig called George. He loved having a bath, having his fur blown dry and watching East Enders (like Nighbours but in East London!!) I kid you not!! So vain these guinea pigs!!

Melrose Alpacas said...

Hi from the bush, F and W!

Great to see your smiling faces and see what is happening in your world.

Love your thesis procedures. Most exciting and interesting. We are off to the beach to be blown around for the weekend as we may it will make a change from being blown around here or in Sydney a few weeks ago. Life is all good and the rain is heaven for farming folk, glad you like it too.

Xx F and M