Sunday, August 11, 2013

much feasting

Today turned out to be a day of much food.  I had an urge to make banana pancakes this morning and they were excellent with cinnamon sugar.

Then it was C-Day. We had been planning to do some type of wintry pseudo-Christmas as we are not together for Christmas Day any more.  And of course winter is the best time for the more traditional Christmas food - the smallest immediately nominated turkey as the centrepiece.
So off we trotted to the market on Friday and came back bearing a 4 kg turkey.  It was accompanied by pumpkin and sweet potato cubed, steamed and fried in butter, garlic and sesame seeds; and by green beans in garlic butter. 
The smallest had also requested quail eggs and we started our Christmas dinner sitting around the table peeling quail eggs and dipping them into sesame salt.

Such beautiful shapes and colours
even the shell fragments are beautiful.

And for dessert we had fog -
whipped cream with vanilla, orange blossom water and Grand Marnier, layered with crushed meringues and passionfruit.

We got our the Good China and cutlery and had a lovely lovely time.
Merry non Christmas!


librarygirl said...

love it!

DIAN said...

I am a great believer in celebrating when it suits rather than when the calendar says so.
The meal looks delicious - especially the dessert.
Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Cooter said...

The dessert looks suspiciously like a trifle ... once upon a time I collected trifle recipes, and tried out many - but nowadays we make quite a simple one, always delicious! Must try the meringue-passionfruit combination.