Sunday, December 09, 2012

a day of sloth

just when I though I couldn't be any more slothful... we had a day of pure and applied sloth. Kind Dog threw a shoe and twisted a giblet in his Achilles tendon and is being extremely careful with it. So we decided he would Stay Upstairs All Day and I would provide the necessary nourishment and do any running up and down stairs.

So we have lolled in bed, with some desultory chatting, surfing of the Intertubes and some knitting. Luckily thanks to the lovely LibraryGirl I have discovered the wondrous blog of Antonia Cornwell and have been reading the back catalogue assiduously.

We also played with the new camera


Kit Lang said...


Sue said...

So you wear lippy for a slothful day in bed? Your sloth and mine are not equal! xxx

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