Thursday, August 30, 2012


this is birthday week and it has been wonderful :) the recovery gods smiled on me for 3 days in a row (although there has been some backsliding since)

 the birthday festival started on the weekend when all members of the family scattered in search of birthday presents.  these were duly handed over with my breakfast tray on sunday morning
i was spoiled rotten with lots of lovely smelling unguents and pretty things. there was a ring, lots of flowers, some silk scarves from the V&A and an extremely handsome edition of the The Tempest.
then there was afternoon tea with my mum, auntie and brother.  the cake was from A Treat of France in Nicholson street and just wonderful and they did the name thing which always gives me a thrill :)
and then dinner at the wonderful Maha. here we are all glammed up ready to go out.  (excuse the rather grainy phone photos and the yellow light of the kitchen although you'll be pleased to see the fridge again - you may remember it starred in our wedding photos)
i felt (and feel) very loved.

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librarygirl said...

Lovely family shots - happy birthday gorgeous xx