Sunday, August 07, 2011

sur le weekend

2 blog posts in 2 days!  - after the recent drought that seems like a minor miracle. but given the Excess of Life Events over the last few months, a slow blog is hardly surprising.

this weekend was free of commitments and we spent it gently. i tried my hand at low immersion dyeing for the first time at home (i had a play with it at grampians texture last year and loved it) and ended up with some quite usable pieces

this green batch reminded me of the plane view of darwin harbour and will be used in an aquatic piece:
i am starting dijanne cevaal's online traveller's blanket next week and am really happy with this combination. i dyed the purple/blue piece and the green is a length of silk chiffon.
deep macbethy reds and cerulean blues are out on the washing line but just as exciting.
and here are some more pics of our beach adventure yesterday. Kind Dog is showing a natural bent for collecting :)

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Lynn said...

looks like a fun photos all.