Tuesday, March 01, 2011

speaking to ATASDA...

the Victorian Branch of the Australian Textile Artists and Surface Design Association very kindly asked me to come and speak at their monthly meeting last sunday.

even more kindly, Kind Dog made a very schmick but not too shiny powerpoint presentation of my textile art. (and once i work out the byzantine uploading process, i will) in the meantime here are some of the pieces i talked about:

Kind Dog also frogmarched me down to oakleigh (which is on the other side of town from chez seahorse), bought me spine-stiffening coffee and  generally lived up to his nome de blogue.

despite feeling sick with nerves i managed to talk for well over an hour and we lugged enough pieces for people to have a good look at textileseahorsean artistry close up. which made up for the lack of a projector.....

the quilt police didn't turn up and everyone was lovely so thanks neroli and barbara and the committee for asking me to speak - it was a gas..

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Jensters said...

Well done not sure if i could have spoke for over an hour but when its something we are passionate about i could be easy maybe! wonderful work.