Monday, February 14, 2011

at last

i never thought i would say this but at last i have another work in progress....
i was starting to think that maybe i had lost the spark - perhaps i just couldn't do it anymore and what on earth would i do with all the stash??? early yesterday morning i had a real tussle with the muse who just wouldn't turn her head but kept puffing on her cigarette holder and looking fixedly into the middle distance.  on the verge of despair i thought i would just try a small piece - no precious fabric, no grand ideas - just sit down and play and see what happened.
and lo i had an idea - i took some black heavy cotton, some wool felt and black velt, a couple of pieces of painted canvas and the photo of me as a very small, traumatised child and the composition fell neatly into place. add some black tulle and i was off.

and then i came to the point where i had propped and fallen last time: how to do the stitching? this felt like it could be the place where i came completely unstuck, but if it went back into the cupboard then i might as well give up.

so i thought of the way i planned the stitching for Jealousy and of the big cheap sketchbook that remained untouched and it seemed to be a good way to break though this particular impasse. and it was.
i played with some ideas and ended up with a vague cartoony plan.

 and started stitching


The Happy Apple said...

So glad your muse has stubbed out her cigarette, stopped staring into the middle distance, and focused on you again!

This sort of reminds me of a piece my DD1 did a few years back. She made small black boxes and on one side she put acetate. She draw family images on the acetate, one box per family member, and then lit them from behind. The layers gave intriguing shapes that sort of made sense yet at the same time were remote.

Good luck with it and keep going!

arlee said...

Sketchbooks can be a great antidote to that cigarette smokin' ***** :)

Jensters said...

Its so nice you are back and to see how you are looks good and wait to see it finished.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

welcome back to the creative zone. I love the image you are working with. Good luck and keep stitching. Angela

Dijanne Cevaal said...

must be the moon or something but I feel like the muse is back- planning a whole series of work, and it was my sketchbook that drew me back as well...I am thinking Youyang Guardians if I can ever get up there after the water damage.

Lynn said...

It looks like it's coming along famously well. Can't wait to see it done.