Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i thought about this theme from a number of different perspectives - it is literally three pieces connected with thread, it is three layers connected with stitching, it had 14 copper plumbing connectors and reflects the deep connection i feel with the pleiades constellation - impossible to see if you look at it directly, best seen with your peripheral vision or a telescope. there is something magical about it being there, yet not there.

this piece took shape through many processes - i started by stitching strips of cut up vintage linens and doilies onto white cotton foundation.

i dyed the top with instant indigo dye, then layered it over a cut up felted jumper from the op shop and cut up japanese cotton curtains that had faded in the wash.

then followed machine stitched spirals for each star and puddle quilting in between.

i used fusible thread on three of the seven spirals and then ironed fusible foil over them (rather unsuccessfully i'm afraid)

then came hours of handstitching around the spiral with copper wire and copper metallic embroidery thread.

i stitched 2 copper plumbing connectors from the hardware shop in the middle of each star.
and then came the scary bit - because the piece was larger than the rules allowed i thought i would get around this and add to the connections theme by cutting it up and then stitching it loosely back together. but after all the hours invested in making the piece it was really hard to plunge in and cut it up. i was most afraid of all that hand stitching coming undone so i borrowed from knitting and steeked it - that is i sewed two "tram lines" of machine stitching thus securing the hand stitching and cut between the tram lines.

finally i used three strands of embroidery thread to hem stitch the triptych pieces back together although that too is not what it seems - there are gaps in the middle. it is connected yet separate


M* (Melanie) said...

Wow! It's stunning! I'd love to see it in person. I'd be able to see the detail more clearly and wow and drool and be blown away.

M* (Melanie) said...

OR i could click on the actual photos to view a larger version!! Oh my goodness! It's stunning!

Marilyn said...

Spectacular. I wish I could see it in person

catsmum said...

knew it would be :]

thornberry said...

Oh my! That is simply superb.