Wednesday, September 27, 2006

w's quilt

here is w's quilt - top finished! my first go at mitred corners and i'm really pleased with them.

snowball blocks with a border of red homespun and four pinwheel blocks that were an absolute pain to make. i know they are simple but i have terrible spatial relations skills and got into all sorts of trouble trying to get the right coloured triangles in the right positions. much growling and unpicking ensued.

the mitred border was relatively easy compared to the dratted pinwheels.

the back will be a jane sassaman bright stripe with a central panel of more cats.


Emily said...

That is so cheerful! I love it!

catsmum said...

hey Lisette
thanks for the kind words on my blog... now to business... since you say the back will have MORE cats, does that mean those are cat prints on the front? Closeup please :]
hugz from the owner of one of Oz's biggest cat fabric stashes

natasha said...

i love the circles. and the colors are wonderful!