Tuesday, August 01, 2006

a good weekend's work/play

i had the most enormous fun playing with felting - using a fellow quilter's technique of putting wool, silk yarn and other bits onto cotton then overlaying with solvy, machine quilting, then putting the picece through the washing machine and then the dryer. i used black homespun, strips of kaffe fassett prints and then beserk with wool and silk tops, silk cocoons, rayon and silk embroidery threads, sari silk and wool yarns and angelina fibre. then a layer of black net and solvy and free motion quilted over the lot. no planning just playing and the breath-holding while it was in the various machines but i'm very pleased with the result and had a great time

winter into spring:

japanese kimono fabrics, cotton batting, free motion quilted in ripples in the grey "slices" to represent rain. i based this on ricky tims' technique of graduated strips although as this is an A4 size quilt i couldn't do the full convergence trick.

and then......

i had more fun with discharge dyeing - using bleach to peel back the colours in black fabric. these ones used ajax and stencils as described on the "my life on craft" blog

the photos aren't tremendous - it was a bit dim and i was so impatient to take photos the fabrics are not even ironed

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Megan said...

Gorgeous, divine blend of colours and textures, it feels like fun to look at it.